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“Harassment” in the employment context has been defined by the California Supreme Court as “conduct outside the scope of necessary job performance, conduct presumably engaged in for personal gratification, because of meanness or bigotry, or for other personal motives.” Reno v. Baird (1998) 18 Cal.4th 640, 645, 76 Cal.Rptr.2d 499, 502. Mr. DesJardins has tried to verdict several cases which were primarily based on harassment in the workplace. Mr. DesJardins has represented victims of harassment as well as persons accused of harassment. It takes a lot of energy and passion to properly represent a client in a harassment lawsuit. Emotions run high in harassment cases, so the parties and attorneys need to be prepared for the “long, hard run.” Our experience, knowledge and intensity in handling such matters has resulted in winning verdicts, as well as many favorable settlements.

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