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Civil litigation is the use of the court system to resolve disputes between persons, businesses and government agencies and entities. Participants in civil litigation are either “suing” or “being sued.” There are thousands and thousands of rules that regulate the litigation process. Inexperience can be disastrous in the litigation world. Michael DesJardins has been a civil litigator for more than twenty five years and has handled literally thousands of cases, in both state and federal courts. The personnel at the firm know all the remedies available and the most effective and efficient ways to get the job done. We have developed a network of highly skilled experts and consultants who have assisted us in many technical, financial and scientific aspects of the cases which we have handled over the years. Our specialized and extensive knowledge, coupled with a network of successful experts, developed over a period of many years, has been extremely valuable in helping us to reach many favorable and efficient resolutions to our clients’ legal challenges.

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